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Laurel Oak   20 x 28 inches
Copyright Linda C. Miller 2020

I thought that I would share this technique today as I am almost finished with this large painting of the Laurel Oak.  It has been in and out of the studio over the last two years and I decided to add a few more leaves on the horizontal stem and add more shading to the leaves and acorns. 

Let me first start by saying - I did not see at this level when I began painting.  I am now at this point after eight years of painting in watercolor.

I am a big believer in having a "friend" near by to guide you, especially when finishing your work.  As you can see here, I have a page opened from my "Rory McEwen The Colours of Reality" book.  To begin my critique,  I set a mat down on my work to crop the areas.  I then allow my eye to move from the painting to the book, using the right side of my brain. Allow your eyes to do the work.  If you still hear your internal critic, turn the work upside down.  When I did this, I found three leaves that were not finished - can you find them?

Next, I brought the piece back to the studio.  It is now finished and ready to scan!

Thank you for visiting, Linda

Linda C Miller Artist | Naturalist | Instructor

Copyright Linda C. Miller 2022

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