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 March 2022

I have been painting botanicals since 2008 and my studio set up has certainly changed over the years.  Here is a picture of where the studio is today.

Earlier this year I moved my studio to our bonus room, a large room with lots of natural light, on the second floor where I can look out at the trees!

I now have two tables in the studio and the one on the left is motorized so I can raise it up when I stand or lower it when I sit.  It is a dream, purchased on Amazon - Flexispot EC1B-V3/ED1W-V#/EC1S-V3.  I am so proud of myself - I put it all together and followed the instructions perfectly.  And hubby was a huge help with getting it up the stairs.

June 2022

And here is the current set up where I added one more swing arm light over my palette, a lighted magnifier, and a boom for my HD video recorder.

Yes I have a TV on my working table. It has my USB drive loaded with years of photo reference and enlarges the image up to 4X as shown above.  I often work from photos as specimens typically don't last and I really rather so I can leave the plant alone.  I know I don't want to be cut in anyway!

And last, I purchased a large desk easel for when I am working on full sheet projects.  

Thank you for visiting, Linda

Linda C Miller Artist | Naturalist | Instructor

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